✿✿✿ Appreciation: Sneak Peak of Pandora – World of Avatar ✿✿✿

There may be no hope for a sequel to James Cameron‘s blockbuster hit “Avatar” for the next couple of years or more, but in the meantime, the Celebrity God Director, Producer and Writer has provided the My Next Life Journey blog with a wonderful gift:

It was a complete surprise for me to find this video on YouTube. Though I have searched all Avatar related news since first spotting a blurb about it amid the plethora of news I consume via Google News ‘entertainment’ section, I was finally outpaced by the universal forces that supplied my YT homepage with this sweetly curated surprise.

I am such a fan of Avatar and saw the film 16 times in theaters upon its first theatrical release! I used to love finding excuses to watch Avatar on the big screen. I think I attended a screening of the film with more than 4 different ‘newbies’, one of whom was a roommate of mine from the Netherlands! 

Insiders know that there are to be four additional films made in the franchise and that the main cast from the original movie are all coming back. 

Since 2010 there’s been plenty’a juicy gossip about the twists and turns to come in the sequels, but the technological advances are certainly the center of attention amongst loyalists to the franchise. 

The new Avatar – World of Pandora attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom seems to have much in-store for guests to the theme parks hottest new attraction. This pluscious clip hosted by none other than James Cameron and Whoopi Goldberg makes for a satisfying parsnack in the waiting season before the heap of Avatar releases unfold!

How should a proper Avatar 2 theater going ceremony be conducted? Alone? With other(s)?

Does it take much more than the ‘I see you’ feeling to be in some kind of relationship?