Making the Distended Become Poof Belly’s

Surviving the Initial Period of a Fastihqhnxdzttturpwu6eBy the time you’ve decided to take the real steps to stop eating and losing weight, you’ve likely concluded that looking slimmer and the benefits that come with it (which are described below) are worth sacrificing food for. However, inevitably, you will experience some slight to moderate discomfort as you embark upon your fast. Here are the top 2 causes for discomfort during the initial hours and days of your fast:

1. Stabbing Hunger Pangs 
According to Wikepedia, hunger pangs are simply contractions that occur in the stomach (so we’ll call them what Wiki calls them, ‘hunger contractions’ henceforth). 

Understanding these hunger contractions may be helpful, so instead of just listing it as one of the top causes for discomfort during the initial period of your fast (which is crucial if you are to complete your fasting time-frame objective), I’ll include some AMAZING details about this #1 cause for discomfort during the initial (and oh so crucial) fasting period.

  • Hunger contractions normally don’t start until 12 to 24 hours after your last ingestion of food.
  • A single hunger contraction only lasts for about 30 seconds, and then the contractions continue for about 30-45 minutes (insert sad face), but after that, eureka – they stop!
  • Hunger contractions don’t start again (after they’ve stopped, as mentioned above) until at least 30 minutes after their last occurrence, and they might not even  pop back up again until as late as 2.5 hours later!

Unfortunately, for us humans, hunger contractions never go away entirely, and they’re also associated with psychological states-of-being, such as anger, stress, anxiety, and other mental / emotional states. There’s no doubt that this battle (repeatedly overcoming hunger contractions) is the main fight when surviving the initial period of your fast.

The good news is this: the frequency and intensity of hunger contractions apparently climaxes after about 3-4 days without eating – so if you make it passed that 3-4 day period – you’d be silly to stop there! This is the secret that so many slim and ‘hot’ people keep.

They all made it past this initial and highly uncomfortable period of being a non-eater, and now they enjoy being in a consistent place of dealing with less-intense hunger contractions without succumbing to filling their stomachs in response to hunger. That’s how they (and  even I) got and stay thin.

Here’s what some have said about surviving hunger contractions on Yahoo Answers:

“The hunger actually hurts at first but with time you get used to it. You eventually accept hunger as part of needing and wanting to be slim”- laplandfan

“the pain does go away after awhile; (about a week of strict starvation),, but i wont lie, it hurts for the first couple of days, weeks even of not eating, but wen u past those days……………. […] trust me it works!!!  =]” – some chick

2. The Lifestyle Change
No matter what your current state or position in life is, you currently have a certain mentality when it comes to many things, and the way you think about yourself and your environment can influence the way you operate on every level. Food is a part of everyone’s way of life, including those who rarely ever eat. Going from having several ingestion’s a day to having none can certainly be considered a ‘change’.
Perhaps you’re used to picking up a bite to eat after you wake up, or while doing errands, or simply whenever you’re hungry. Yet now that you’re no longer allowed to pick up something to ingest at all, but are instead only drinking water, you will have to ‘change’ your lifestyle a bit – and some people feel that any change is difficult.


Benefits of being thin:

The benefits / advantages of being thin, slim, or skinny are potentially more than words can effectively describe, so below are not only words that indicate the many advantages of being slim, but also photo-evidence of people who are already existing in states of Poofness (and who are no-doubt reaping many benefits from being there).

1. The Slim Treatment
You’re more competitive than two thirds of the U.S. adult population before you even get out of bed in the morning.

2. Hunger is the Ultimate Fuel                                                                                    A constant state of hunger has been the most treasured (and often top-secret) fuel used by billions of people to climb their way towards their goals. In modern times, thin people rarely (if ever) discuss their most valuable tool; their hunger and its bi-product of being thin.

However, make no mistake, if someone’s thin, that means that they’re regularly not eating.

Owners of slim bodies have the power of sex appeal.
A thin waist is something that receives hand-contact readily by boyfriends and lovers, however a pot belly does not.
A slim body can showcase bedroom or lama eyes more than a larger and attention-drawing bod.

How much weight is lost per-day?

According to (source link pending addition), you will lose 2 pounds per day for the first 3 days of a water-only diet / fast. After the first 3 days, you can expect to lose approximately 1 pound per day. Therefore, in 3 days you’ll lose 6 pounds, in 7 days you’ll loose 10 pounds, and in 45 days you’ll loose 48 pounds (approximately).

Here’s a fascinating story from Yahoo Answers on loosing 55 pounds from a 45 day scenario:

      “Oh, dear lord. The ignorance of these commenters is overwhelming.

Over a year ago, I water fasted for 45 days (that means: only consuming water, nothing else) starting at 165 pounds and ending at 110. I have YET to gain a single pound back.

On top of no longer being overweight, my chronic asthma that I’ve suffered with for the last 13 years has completely vanished. I’ve had 10/40 vision since I was 3 years old. My vision started improving during the fast, and about a week afterwards, I went to my optometrist for an annual visit and my vision had COMPLETELY corrected itself. After a lifetime of wearing glasses and contacts, I now have 20/20 vision without surgery or medication. My blood pressure had been high for 8 months (160/110,) but after the fast, it had stabilized at 120/80.

There are other minor things that have also improved, such as: my severe/moderate acne has vanished without ever returning, and the stretch marks on my inner thighs from my 5th grade growth spurt are completely gone.

Starvation mode is a myth. I lost about a pound of muscle during those 45 days and my metabolism is actually faster than it was before. I used to eat 1,800 calories a day to maintain 165, and now I have to eat about 2,400 calories to maintain 110.

My body did not attack and/or feed off of my organs, like most people tend to believe. In fact, my chronic IBS (5 generations of Irritable Bowel Syndrome on my mom’s side of the family) is completely gone as well. I’ve been off ALL of my medications for over a year now.

As for you: you’d probably lose about 10-20 pounds, but only 10-15 pounds of fat (the rest being water weight and fecal matter.)

Good luck!”


Perhaps undoubtedly, the turning of the pot belly into a poof belly for yourself, would be well worth the sacrifice!

What are some of the main reasons you think being thin is advantageous? 

Have you ever experienced any negative emotions specifically related to the topic of thinness (I.E., someone elses, or your own lack of it)? What did these emotions feel like? Anger? Depression? 

Has the subject of thinness ever made you feel excitement, or perhaps even joy? 

Ever felt ill-prepared to ‘compete’ with someone because they had a better body than you? Care to share?

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