✿✿✿ My Agarioing is Improving!

Basking in Agar.io ✿✿✿

screen1136x1136In my opinion, as long as Agar.io is around, there’s really no need to commit suicide. It’s more than just a game that consumes much of my time lately, I suppose it’s become my new virtual ‘3rd Place’! I discovered Agar.io about a year ago while looking at the ‘Top Free in Games‘ list via Google Play. Seated in the first-place position was something called ‘Agar.io’.

I reckon that if I hadn’t found this gem of a game within the last year, I would have succommed to pretending to still enjoy Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds (some impressive attempts in the bridging of the ‘popularity gap’ between mouse/console vs touch-screen games).

What it is:

mmAgar.io is the best game ever released to the public. Never before has this dream of eating other people represented by nothing more than a dot or, as the game officially calls them, ‘cells’, been a reality.

trump1-300x300A dot, cell, disk, saucer, planet, circle, star, ball or whatever you call them, they’re really all there is in Agar.io. The whole game is spent trying to survive and hopefully become famous and rich (I.E., have eaten enough people’s avat- I mean ‘Agar.io’ – cells, disks, circles, or whatever you call’ems to get on the leaderbord and be the center circle on campus). The ‘skin’ of my cell might be plain red, green, purple, blue, orange, or yellow. Though I can always showcase my current ‘veteran‘ skin or even a portrait of a politician, such as Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

One may choose to divide/split their cell into two or more cells in order to execute a swift lunge-out attack to eat another cell(s). Yet if you’re in more of a zen mood you might just stick to vegetarian offerings; the cosmos of colorful dust that feeds baby cells that can’t eat other cells towards their growth and development into an adult cell, aka, floating disk. I must say, being a small cell has its perks, but being the dominant cell on campus is fantastic as well.

Whether you like eating others or not, the only way I’ve ever known of successfully earning a spot on the leaderboard and reaching the coveted #1 position, is by eating your fellow circles.

Each time you eat one of your competitors, you acquire their ‘mass’ = they die and you get bigger!

Is it complicated?


Complicated or not, it is always fun (more or less).

I have my own style when it comes to my Agar.ioing (yes, I did coin that term, which is partially derived from another term I helped churn at SA; ‘sugar daddying’). Here are a few of my personal Agar.io game-play protocols:

Don’t divide myself more than once. I refuse to constantly fire off, intimidating others when it’s not necessary.

Don’t ‘team’ with others. For me this makes the game feel cheapened and gives me the same nausea that overhearing a live football game broadcast with shock-calling voices intermixed within gives me (the most vile thing that I could imagine would be setting out to team against strangers).

Don’t fire off mass even if you’re in a good mood. Especially since it’s obvious that these teeming competitors are usually firing whilst being facetious – not simply generous.

MNLJ Poll: Which Agar.io Skin is Your Favorite?

There are many other boundaries and edicts that I hold dear while playing the most revolutionary game in human history, but I’ll likely keep those ‘top’ secret!

Now that I’m officially at level 47 and just 3 points away from achieving a higher ‘veteran’ skin (the mean looking ‘Sumo’ character), I’m glad that I spilled the beans about this, the most futuristic game of the 21st century to date.

I wonder if Agar.io will have a booth at Expo 2020 Dubai. That would be fitting indeed!

Why argue when you can go somewhere private and play Agar.io? 

Why be depressed when you can have ice cream and endless hours of Agar.io play?

Do you think Agar.io is a more ‘Montessori’ thing than other popular games such as “Diablo” or, better yet, “Grand Theft Auto”?