✿✿✿ Swimming Opossum Appreciation

Enriching Vibrational Treat ✿✿✿

The latest video uploaded to my YouTube Chanel is a clip taken from an existing video on the mecca for video sharing. This fascinating creature whose name is ‘Pearl’ (an Opossum) swims (watch below)!

Make sure to check-out ‘Proper Pet Care‘ by MePearlA on 

Occasionally there may be some difficulty in adjusting to your Opossum’s unique needs (assuming they have any), specifically when those needs can’t be addressed by conventional means.

Proper Opossum Pet Care Tips:

Short-Tailed Opossum’s:
If your beloved is a short-hair, then making sure that your little honey’feets is given the right kind of attention for its needs is a must. With a solitary taste, it need not be confined. You will hear maple’foots cooing all day long!

Long-Tailed Opossum’s:
If your darling long-tail is with child, make sure to prepare for a pregnancy that’s stunningly short. Your baby telecomportapossum’s will be raptured by their furry surroundings within a couple of weeks after conception.

Standing In Strength:
According to mepearl.com, the Opossum’s flexible diet and reproductive habits assist them as survivors. They’re reigning throughout the four limbs of the globe.

Make an Informed Decision:
The name of your Opossum is not just a declaration of your connection with the beast, but a formal announcement of its ‘deklark’ (a title-like word in Opossum). Every time the sound of your dear-one’s name is heard, a number of implications may loom. It may be best to allow your long’maples or short’honeys the opportunity to name themselves through a creative vibrational caliber experience.

Providing the Right Atmosphere: giphy  Consider popping open a file from Rosie O’donnell’s website to facilitate a friendly Celebrity God atmosphere for your possum’s naming to properly take-hold. At the very least, consider bringing your possum with you to a cruise wherign you attend a seminar by Esther Hicks channeling Abraham (as seen in Plugging In, Momentum, and Under A Bridge).

giphy✿✿✿ MyNextLifeJourney (MNLJ): s🔥h🔥a🔥r🔥e: ‘It’s Up To You : ‘Safe Haven at Your Place?’ ✿✿✿

✿✿✿ Regale in Future Viral GIF ✿✿✿

Would you rather listen to Pearl swoosh or a stranger talk? Give us your explainin’!!!



What Makes The Light-Rail Heavy-Rail


I hate riding on the light rail. It is always so annoying, even when you’re just waiting on the train to depart. There are the worst scum bag people waiting right outside the light rail train just feeding on anything of quality that they can find.

They have no lives. They are the epitome of filth. And why do they do what they do? They have nothing better, there’s nothing more to their lives. This is it.

And wow. That must suck. I have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from that they think they’re protecting, and more.

Wow. The life of the no-life’s. The life of the scum bags. The life of the thwarters. The creeps. The abusers. Those who have nothing but scum and filth to go off of. They reproduce scum, they regurgitate it. They are it.
6428 Denver lightrail car interior

I stop living when I am realized in one of these situations. In my belief at present, these situations give me no emotional, physical, mental, or frankly spiritual escape.

It’s akin to hell. Of course, hell exists with or without my perception, so I’m sorry for the director, cast and crew inside each train as well.

These are the types of people I’m talking about tho, oh wait, they’re not people (of course, not to me normally anyway). These are the one’s who get on a light rail train and face the direction opposite that of which the train is headed, as though they’re not making it even more uncomfortable for everyone on the train to sit in their seats amid strangers than it already is.

Is it the light rail, or a Heavy Rail? 

I’d say it’s heavy, with the variety of scum that enter each cabin. Opposite face-to-facers, shock callers, seat stickers (those who sit parallel to someone else even when there’s plenty of other seats to sit on that are empty and not parallel to other people / strangers), and more.

It’s the nightmare ride not the dream ride, when a group of or should I say pack of human pack animals gets on-board and whether it’s conscious or not, begins to target an individual on the cabin (usually me) – but then of course, I’m always sure to have something to eat – especially these days – myself. I swear to god, if another one of these seat stickers gets on-board this train, I’m gonna have to say something.

You have your drunks as well, reeking of alcohol, cigarettes, and who knows what else, so disgusting. I swear to god, if I had the power, I’d put leach-parasites in prison.

Why are light rail train interiors designed so that people (often strangers) must sit facing one another?

Do you enjoy riding the light rail?

✿✿✿ Blog Post Update: Unbelievable!
I endured my first ride (and certainly my last) on the recently completed ‘Heavy Rail’, two nights ago. Well, apparently the train is popular enough to warrant top-tier billing from the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) most diligent and trusted source – the conductor – who, at least when I had my experience on my ‘unimaginable nightmare come true’ ride, seemed to ensure that no other announcements made by organics on any RTD vehicles could compare to the sound of theirs, which seemed richer, better, and yes, clearer. Yet the truth is that they stubbornly decided to still include the opposite-facing seats.
It’s as sick as the people who board the trains, yes, no matter how full of themselves they pretend to be or are. PS: This ‘Heavy Rail’ thing was news to my ears after becoming aware of it following the publication of this post, which was then as it is now titled ‘What Makes The Light-Rail Heavy-Rail’ in a silent nod to the ‘Heavy Side Layer’ thing from CATS. Well, just another progression of hell or what Abraham Hicks might say ‘you can’t get there from there’. I can’t get out of hell while being in hell, hence ugly coincidences and rendezvous with the elements involved (I.E., people, places, smells, sounds and other items of different levels of intrusion and/or disgust) inserting or ‘ape-earing’. Big deal? No. Just read ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ – I know we have much in-common with apes and other primates like the Rhesus Monkey.So, in closing, you’ve been informed of this latest news I’ve finally had enough care to share here.
Warning: Do Not Be Fooled for One Second about the Heavy Rail ✿✿✿


Losing Things ✿✿✿



For the past 3 years, I can say that losing things has been the single most destructive force in my life. It was the 1st cousin of losing things – forgetting to do something prudential – that resulted in the most grand and steep downward spiral I, and I dare say, anyone in my peer group – has ever experienced.

On the brink, and then it’s lost:

Have you ever been totally ready to take on your day, or even perhaps a new chapter in your life, and then, just prior to being able to begin your journey, you lose something important to you? It’s hard when something that seems so small, so insignificant, ends up consuming not just hours, but days, weeks, or even months of your life through your efforts to find, and then cope without this lost possession.

However sad it may be, it seems as if those who most need to have something seemingly ‘little’ in order to take on their life challenges and overcome obstacles, are all the more likely to lose their stuff.

One can only blame themselves:

If you’re looking for a person to blame, there’s no one to point to except yourself. The spinning and endless mulling over and over the way in which you could have lost track of the things that you’ve lost, is one thing, but once you have to accept your fate, the underlying and terrifying reality that it was you, yourself alone, who was the one that potentially sabotaged your potential to take on your journey, you finally enter the new pit you’ve created for yourself.

Ending the cycle:

Is there really a way to stop the pattern of losing things? Perhaps there’s not. Maybe some people are more predisposed to losing their belongings, however, there are some relatively new and nifty items that promise to help people never lose their possessions again. However, are these items really all they’re hyped up to be?


Last year, I contacted the company behind the much-anticipated ‘Tile‘; a device that promised to locate/track a seemingly endless array of lost items. The only drawback to this devise, was that it required the use of one’s cell phone in order to track the lost item(s). As many might agree, one’s cell phone is the, perhaps, single most important possession one has. Let’s face it, your cell phone holds more than just its value in dollars, but also stores memories saved in the form of text messages, photos, and even videos. If someone were to come across your lost cell phone, the possibilities for treachery may be endless.

The good folks at Tile, Inc. said that it was unfortunately not possible to track a device without one’s cell phone:

‘The ability to find Tiles via desktop or laptop is a possibility, but not currently on our product roadmap.’– Tile Team

And, also, despite a tentative release date for 2014, the device has yet to reach consumers (some of whom I happen to know are quite upset about that).
There are murmurs in the grape vine of other devices that can track your lost items, and we shall see if they actually materialize…

Or not.

The types of stuff that people do when they lose stuff varies based upon the ramifications of the loss. If you’ve just lost, let’s say, your photo I.D., you might be in an all-out panic, especially, as is often the case in my experience, if you’re experiencing difficult and/or impending circumstance(s) as it is.

Losing something at a time that would otherwise provide you with a unique opportunity to take your goals and overall life to the next level can put you straight into depression. From personal experience I know that the depression suffered from continuously missing-out on opportunity is debilitating at times, and can even make you feel like you’re under attack from the universe itself!


Do you lose things? Is it traumatizing or highly-stressful for you when you lose or don’t remember something important? Have you ever felt like a ‘loser’ due to bad luck (I.E., a career because of forgetting to erase voicemails on company Sprint account, etc.)?

What are the main reasons losing things is the worst type of ‘bad luck?

Care to share what you’ve lost? 

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An Inconvenient Truth

6abo-and-rh-blood-typing-11-638Setting things into motion can be challenging at times. When in doubt, perhaps it’s best to put one foot in front of the other and just go. Then again, there are so many crucial factors to consider before ‘going’.

In this post, we’ll take a look at just how these ‘factors’ add up.

Unfortunately, the masses use ‘looks’ and other visual stimulus to intimidate or control others, especially those who are deemed inferior. These recklessly inconsiderate and unconscious beings use visual and other means of intimidation to violate others in order to feel better about themselves.

Yet all too few of those who are targeted speak out against or even disdain the creepy and domineering behaviors that frankly beg the question, ‘are these people carrying the mark of the beast’?

Being submerged in these situations reduces my thoughts to fear-induced praise and ‘respect’ shells or ‘mazes’.

‘Grouping’: Willingly participating in social cliques.

‘Shock Calling’: Auditory calls.
s (1)Finding Your Own Path:

The best way to not allow human pack animals to literally steal part of your emotional well-being (the only parts that they can legally steal are purely vibrational, however it still adds up), is to find a way around them.


When you sense contrast approaching, or in the way, deviate your course. Believe me, you can get so good at this that you actually discover endless hidden treasures along your path. Most contrast is within a predictable spectrum, so by redefining it the discord dissipates into a calm stream.

Never beating myself up about the nauseating effects of contrast is definitely one of my strategies towards survival. Doing everything I can, from bargaining to begging, I manage to enjoy the parsnacks I have access to in my current situation.



Making the Distended Become Poof Belly’s

Surviving the Initial Period of a Fastihqhnxdzttturpwu6eBy the time you’ve decided to take the real steps to stop eating and losing weight, you’ve likely concluded that looking slimmer and the benefits that come with it (which are described below) are worth sacrificing food for. However, inevitably, you will experience some slight to moderate discomfort as you embark upon your fast. Here are the top 2 causes for discomfort during the initial hours and days of your fast:

1. Stabbing Hunger Pangs 
According to Wikepedia, hunger pangs are simply contractions that occur in the stomach (so we’ll call them what Wiki calls them, ‘hunger contractions’ henceforth). 

Understanding these hunger contractions may be helpful, so instead of just listing it as one of the top causes for discomfort during the initial period of your fast (which is crucial if you are to complete your fasting time-frame objective), I’ll include some AMAZING details about this #1 cause for discomfort during the initial (and oh so crucial) fasting period.

  • Hunger contractions normally don’t start until 12 to 24 hours after your last ingestion of food.
  • A single hunger contraction only lasts for about 30 seconds, and then the contractions continue for about 30-45 minutes (insert sad face), but after that, eureka – they stop!
  • Hunger contractions don’t start again (after they’ve stopped, as mentioned above) until at least 30 minutes after their last occurrence, and they might not even  pop back up again until as late as 2.5 hours later!

Unfortunately, for us humans, hunger contractions never go away entirely, and they’re also associated with psychological states-of-being, such as anger, stress, anxiety, and other mental / emotional states. There’s no doubt that this battle (repeatedly overcoming hunger contractions) is the main fight when surviving the initial period of your fast.

The good news is this: the frequency and intensity of hunger contractions apparently climaxes after about 3-4 days without eating – so if you make it passed that 3-4 day period – you’d be silly to stop there! This is the secret that so many slim and ‘hot’ people keep.

They all made it past this initial and highly uncomfortable period of being a non-eater, and now they enjoy being in a consistent place of dealing with less-intense hunger contractions without succumbing to filling their stomachs in response to hunger. That’s how they (and  even I) got and stay thin.

Here’s what some have said about surviving hunger contractions on Yahoo Answers:

“The hunger actually hurts at first but with time you get used to it. You eventually accept hunger as part of needing and wanting to be slim”- laplandfan

“the pain does go away after awhile; (about a week of strict starvation),, but i wont lie, it hurts for the first couple of days, weeks even of not eating, but wen u past those days……………. […] trust me it works!!!  =]” – some chick

2. The Lifestyle Change
No matter what your current state or position in life is, you currently have a certain mentality when it comes to many things, and the way you think about yourself and your environment can influence the way you operate on every level. Food is a part of everyone’s way of life, including those who rarely ever eat. Going from having several ingestion’s a day to having none can certainly be considered a ‘change’.
Perhaps you’re used to picking up a bite to eat after you wake up, or while doing errands, or simply whenever you’re hungry. Yet now that you’re no longer allowed to pick up something to ingest at all, but are instead only drinking water, you will have to ‘change’ your lifestyle a bit – and some people feel that any change is difficult.


Benefits of being thin:

The benefits / advantages of being thin, slim, or skinny are potentially more than words can effectively describe, so below are not only words that indicate the many advantages of being slim, but also photo-evidence of people who are already existing in states of Poofness (and who are no-doubt reaping many benefits from being there).

1. The Slim Treatment
You’re more competitive than two thirds of the U.S. adult population before you even get out of bed in the morning.

2. Hunger is the Ultimate Fuel                                                                                    A constant state of hunger has been the most treasured (and often top-secret) fuel used by billions of people to climb their way towards their goals. In modern times, thin people rarely (if ever) discuss their most valuable tool; their hunger and its bi-product of being thin.

However, make no mistake, if someone’s thin, that means that they’re regularly not eating.

Owners of slim bodies have the power of sex appeal.
A thin waist is something that receives hand-contact readily by boyfriends and lovers, however a pot belly does not.
A slim body can showcase bedroom or lama eyes more than a larger and attention-drawing bod.

How much weight is lost per-day?

According to (source link pending addition), you will lose 2 pounds per day for the first 3 days of a water-only diet / fast. After the first 3 days, you can expect to lose approximately 1 pound per day. Therefore, in 3 days you’ll lose 6 pounds, in 7 days you’ll loose 10 pounds, and in 45 days you’ll loose 48 pounds (approximately).

Here’s a fascinating story from Yahoo Answers on loosing 55 pounds from a 45 day scenario:

      “Oh, dear lord. The ignorance of these commenters is overwhelming.

Over a year ago, I water fasted for 45 days (that means: only consuming water, nothing else) starting at 165 pounds and ending at 110. I have YET to gain a single pound back.

On top of no longer being overweight, my chronic asthma that I’ve suffered with for the last 13 years has completely vanished. I’ve had 10/40 vision since I was 3 years old. My vision started improving during the fast, and about a week afterwards, I went to my optometrist for an annual visit and my vision had COMPLETELY corrected itself. After a lifetime of wearing glasses and contacts, I now have 20/20 vision without surgery or medication. My blood pressure had been high for 8 months (160/110,) but after the fast, it had stabilized at 120/80.

There are other minor things that have also improved, such as: my severe/moderate acne has vanished without ever returning, and the stretch marks on my inner thighs from my 5th grade growth spurt are completely gone.

Starvation mode is a myth. I lost about a pound of muscle during those 45 days and my metabolism is actually faster than it was before. I used to eat 1,800 calories a day to maintain 165, and now I have to eat about 2,400 calories to maintain 110.

My body did not attack and/or feed off of my organs, like most people tend to believe. In fact, my chronic IBS (5 generations of Irritable Bowel Syndrome on my mom’s side of the family) is completely gone as well. I’ve been off ALL of my medications for over a year now.

As for you: you’d probably lose about 10-20 pounds, but only 10-15 pounds of fat (the rest being water weight and fecal matter.)

Good luck!”


Perhaps undoubtedly, the turning of the pot belly into a poof belly for yourself, would be well worth the sacrifice!

What are some of the main reasons you think being thin is advantageous? 

Have you ever experienced any negative emotions specifically related to the topic of thinness (I.E., someone elses, or your own lack of it)? What did these emotions feel like? Anger? Depression? 

Has the subject of thinness ever made you feel excitement, or perhaps even joy? 

Ever felt ill-prepared to ‘compete’ with someone because they had a better body than you? Care to share?

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✿✿✿ Full Episodes of Trading Spouses on YouTube Appreciation ✿✿✿

sThere are dozens of full episodes of Trading Spouses and Wife Swap available on YouTube, and this gift has been a major life-changer for me. There are so many amazing humans who have opened up their most sacred space – their personal lives – on this show, Trading Spouses.

By letting the brilliant individuals who produce this show enter their homes and film their experiences within the Trading Spouses format, people such as myself can marvel at the gift of unparalleled insight that is provided by this transformational ‘show’.

 Trading Spouses Poem
“Trading Spouses can give__ love.
Trading Spouses can heal __ heart.
Trading Spouses can help remind __ of who __ really be. It can give __ more clarity as to why 
__ really done some of the things __ done. It can give __ hope in __ very soul”

Personal Trading Spouses Story:
The only personal story I have about anything to do with Trading Spouses is this: When I worked for Solstice Sunglass Boutique in 2004, I helped a customer who told me that she was soon to film an episode of a new show called “Trading Spouses” which was very similar to Wife Swap. She was a pretty nice lady with blond hair and she liked Fashion-type sunglasses I believe. She had a great personality, and I still wish I knew which episode she was on and could watch it.

How Trading Spouses Helps Me: 

Oh gosh, Trading Spouses has been so helpful to me since recently discovering its greatness by stumbling upon the full episodes on YouTube. I’ve seen families with parent’s whom make my blood curdle, and also seen people who have filled my spirit with love! However I will admit that some episodes have left me feeling worse than I was before due to, for example, both sets of parents making me feel awful. Yet on the whole, this show has been nothing but a major groundbreaking resource for me, especially at this point in my life, where I have truly lost all close relationships.

Episode 1 Season 2 of Trading Spouses: 

This is the all-time most engaging episode of reality television in history! This God Celebutante represents the entire format of the trading/swapping shows within the reality realm. Marguerite Perrin is the type of reality show participant that fans love, and in my opinion she’d give other realm residents such as those hosting certain self-improvement reality shows on cable a run for their money!

This episode, like other standouts on my All Time Favorite Reality list (coming soon!) is a truly evergreen content. I think I’ve watched it more than 20 times! I was first introduced to the episode in college at CCD.

The God Warrior:smsmsmsmIn the computer lab, a clip of Perrin, also known as the ‘God Warrior‘, was the current topic of discussion. I took my friend Livie Redhawk’s advice and viewed the video via someone’s social networking page. I was no-doubt blown away, as I’m sure many others were.

I return to this clip when I’m feeling a variety of emotions, including:



Take to Trading: 
The concept of swapping lives and having the experience filmed and shared with the world is brilliant and something I think should be done in even more ways. I would love to swap lives with someone else!!! I am so grateful to Trading Spouses and Wife Swap!

Do you think watching episodes of Trading Spouses can help with restoring one’s mental health and/or improving one’s perspective about themselves and/or life in-general?

Care to share your thoughts on the God Warrior scene or any particular aspect of the Trading Spouses clip above?

Transcription of Video

The My Next Life Journey Blog has transcribed the below video:

Transcript legend:

  • Purple‘: Indicates a word or phrase was repeated by the Video Editor
  • Purple bold: Indicates a word or phrase was repeated by the Video Editor with an echo effect
  • ‘[pause]’: Indicates a relatively brief pause inserted by the Video Editor
  • ‘[break]’: Indicates a relatively long pause inserted by the Video Editor
  • ‘ ..’:  Indicates a relatively brief pause inserted by Abraham Hicks
  • ‘…’: Indicates a relatively long pause inserted by Abraham Hicks
  • strikethrough‘ (black color): Indicates a part of a word that was ‘uncompleted’ by Abraham Hicks
  • strikethrough‘ (gold color): Indicates a part of a word that was ‘uncompleted’ by Video Editor
  • underline‘:  Indicates a word was emphasized by Abraham Hicks
  • ‘–‘: Indicates an ‘em dash‘ (“. . . [em dashes can] replace commas, semicolons, colons, and parentheses to indicate added emphasis, an interruption, or an abrupt change of thought.” – Grammarbook.com)
  • ‘(audience member: “”)’: Indicates word(s) and / or sound (within the quotation marks) from audience member(s)


“You’re gonna laugh when you hear how simple this is…
you’re gonna laugh when you hear how simple this is… [pause]
you see, this is the most important thing.. [pause] on this subject of deliberate creation — [pause] and really everything is relationships in one way or another –.. is that, when you accept that it is your point of attraction that matters.. [pause] let your dominate relationship be between you, and your vortex version of you.. [pause] and you, tend to what’s going on with your vibration, [pause] and sort of keep your nose out of how the other person is responding to you… [pause] you got a grid going on
a grid going on… [pause]
and, another person did too.. [pause] and, your grids converge.. [pause]
your grids converge.. [pause]
and now you’re having this relationship.. [pause] but you’re both moving through life experience and so.. [pause] you’re putting, things in your vortex a [pause] you’re changing, and maybe even your point of attraction is changing..
en your point of attraction is changing.. [pause]
and so… the other persons’ grid is no longer, such a vibrational match.. [pause] which means
means [pause]
it’s, sort of, awkward in the relationsh — you’re not having.. as much fun or you’re not.. [pause] clicking in the way that you were.. (audience member: “mm,hmm”) but an interested thing is happened.. [pause] you’re now launching rockets of desire..
rockets of desire.. [pause]
for, more compatibility
more compatibility..
you’re asking for the very thing that your… separate lives — and they always are more separate than they are combined… because you each have your point of attraction
because you each have your point of attraction..
so, you’ve, you’re launching more rockets of desire and as you launch those..  [pause] more rockets of desire.. [pause] now you’ve gotta find a way to be a vibrational match to that.. [pause]
be a vibrational match to that.. [break]
which means, you can’t keep pointing out to yourself, the friction.. [pause] you can’t keep pointing out to yourself, the difference, your looking for the parts of harmony.. [pause] and as you look more and more for the points of harmony.. [pause] then the points of harmony are more active in your grid
then the points of harmony are more active in your grid.. [pause]
and, what you begin to notice is that.. [pause] you see, this is the most important thing.. [pause]
this is the most important thing [break]
on this subject of deliberate creation
on this subject of deliberate creation..
as it regards relationship [puase] s and really everything is relationships in one way or another, [pause]
relationships in one way or another
is that.. when you accept that it is your point of attraction that matters.. and you tend to what’s going on with your vibration.. and sort of keep your nose out of how the other person is responding to you.. [pause] let your dominant relationship be between you, [pause] and your vortex version of you.. [pause] and not try to factor that, third, party in.. just, keep focused upon the relationship between you and you..
keep focused upon the relationship between you and you.. [pause]
what will happen is, [pause] you will be able, to utilize, the power of the universe
the power of the universe.. [pause]
which means, you’re much more influential
influential.. [break]
so, even if your partner.. [pause] doesn’t know what’s going, on even if your partner doesn’t understand any of this terminology.. [pause] by you.. establishing that relationship, and you.. [pause] coming into vibrational harmony with all that you are..
coming into vibrational harmony with all that you are… [pause]
and you now focusing on what feels best to you.. [pause]
and you now focusing on what feels best to you.. [pause]
then.. your power of influence is such, [pause] that, that relationship will come right back into alignment.. [pause]
that relationship will come right back into alignment.. [pause]
and.. really, do you care, where your harmony comes from?.. And so.. we would say, [pause] if you have a lovely relationship going on.. [pause] if we were standing in your physical shoes we would do everything in our power, [pause] to continue the momentum of that magnificent relationship be [pause] cause you’re in that relationship for a significant reason… we would not nit-pick our way out of any relationship ever.. [pause] we would generalize ourself in (audience member: “ha”)
we would generalize ourself in.. [break]
deeper and deeper and deeper
deeper and deeper and deeper [pause]
and then, the universe will deliver to you — you’ll discover pretty soon–, [pause] if you, hareally have substantially changed enough.. [pause] that the potential for satisfying all of those changes.. [pause] is no longer a probable.. in that relationship, [pause] you’ll know, and there’ll be a natural, attrition, there’ll be a natural, uhm, moving away from it.. but, ah, we would so, work, the relationship from the vantage point of vibration… because.. we want to say to you… there are a lot of magnificent relationships going on.. here in this, forum… and you have not even begun to scratch the surface, of the depth of what is there for you… you have not even begun to, (audience members: “applause”) scratch the surface.. (audience members: “applause”) [pause] there is so, much more potential, for what you are looking for right there in that relationship that you have going on
right there in that relationship that you have going on
because deeper sounds like more specific (audience member: “so t“) but, [pause] as you hold yourself in that general place.. [pause] the grid will fill in with the specifics and you will discover them together, [pause] what’s better
what’s better, [pause]
than being two people, discovering things in the same moment?.. [pause]
discovering things in the same moment? [pause]
(audience member: “right”) that’s co-creation at its best, [pause] so there’s you, and there’s your partner and there’s your, partners’ inner-being and your inner-being all converging and having an explosion… [pause] (audience member: “haha.. alright”) (audience member(s): “woohoo”) and we’re not just talking about sex
and we’re not just talking about sex.. [pause]
(audeince member: “ahahaha..”) (audience members: “laughter”) (audience member: “ok.. thank you, so much, appreciate it.”)

What are your thoughts about relationships?

Have you ever been in a difficult relationship? Care to share?

Do you find the above audio/visual clip from SatoriElohim (on YouTube) helpful at all?


Working Together in Partnerships Is Highly Desireable

In Michael Eisner‘s book, “Working Together: Why Great Partnerships Succeed“, the author provides facts and insight about the benefits of partnerships.

The clip below illustrates a partnership between two individuals who find harmony in their focus upon what makes them happy.

I definitely think it’s possible to make great progress without a partner, however at some point(s), a trusted partner can be beneficial.

Are there any barriers to success you’ve faced that you think could be overcome if you had a partner? What would the general ground rule(s) be for your partnership?

What do you think about the concept that the vast majority of successful businesses are often bolstered by 2-person teams, aka, ‘partnerships’? 
Do you think that “money is such a beautiful word”? If so, care to share some reasons why?

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