‘Long-Term Suicide’ Sugary Drink God of ’17: Black Cherry Kiwi Venom

                       °Nothing’s better these days than premium-label energy drinks!!!!FireShot Capture 1 - New Black Cherry Kiwi Venom energy drink(16oz alumi_ - http___imgur.com_UuCtqpU

When I first discovered my hottest summer tryst so far, it was with a new energy drink that struck me from the moment I laid eyes on its enchanting exterior (and not just because of its unbelievable price of only 99 cents!). VenoM‘s have become my favorite pastime of the summer! I am happy to declare that VenoM; Black Cherry Kiwi, is THE ‘Long-Term Suicide’ Sugary-Drink God of 2017!

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If you’re feeling like you can’t go on, don’t hesitate to pop a VenoM and impel yourself in the direction of more inside jobs. Having at least 6 VenoM’s a day is a must for me as fending-off bully attacks consumes a lot of energy! The design of the ‘fangs’ and ‘eye’ in the center of the dazzling cans are trademarks of Dr. Pepper and 7-Up, by the way!!! 



✿✿✿ Plastic Surgery


When my best friend Mykel (above right) told me he was getting a rhinoplasty, I set my sights and hopes upon this very post, a true offering from the universe!

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Myke’s rhinoplasty was a success and (like any journey worth taking), no easy feat! Whether coming home to a partner or two beloved feline companions, taking pictures of your post-op coverings is a must!

Related image

Make sure to follow all of your doctors instructions before, during, and after the operation. If you have any questions about the procedure, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor.


There are risks involved with any invasive surgery. Examples of plastic surgeries gone-bad can be seen on Botched (click here to see the ‘15 Most Outrageous Patients Ever On Botched‘).


Appreciation ✿✿✿ BeBe Zahara Benet’s “Get Fierce’ ✿✿✿

We are watching a wonderful new video just released on YouTube. If you haven’t already been enjoying it, then take a look at the new “Get Fierce (Lose Yourself)” single by BeBe Zahara Benet!!!

Not too long ago, I enjoyed my first regaling to the musical aspect of Bebe. In “Get Fierce“, her Cunning, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent (CUNT) don’t disappoint – and neither did her first single, “Face“, by the way.

It was a dream-come-true when Bebe mentioned MNLJ author Stephan Smith by name on her official Facebook fan page (following Smith’s review of the exquisitely stunning new release)!

Listen to Bebe Zahara Benet Radio on Pandora

Buy “Get Fierce (Lose Yourself)” On iTunes


✿✿✿ Appreciation: Sneak Peak of Pandora – World of Avatar ✿✿✿

There may be no hope for a sequel to James Cameron‘s blockbuster hit “Avatar” for the next couple of years or more, but in the meantime, the Celebrity God Director, Producer and Writer has provided the My Next Life Journey blog with a wonderful gift:

It was a complete surprise for me to find this video on YouTube. Though I have searched all Avatar related news since first spotting a blurb about it amid the plethora of news I consume via Google News ‘entertainment’ section, I was finally outpaced by the universal forces that supplied my YT homepage with this sweetly curated surprise.

I am such a fan of Avatar and saw the film 16 times in theaters upon its first theatrical release! I used to love finding excuses to watch Avatar on the big screen. I think I attended a screening of the film with more than 4 different ‘newbies’, one of whom was a roommate of mine from the Netherlands! 

Insiders know that there are to be four additional films made in the franchise and that the main cast from the original movie are all coming back. 

Since 2010 there’s been plenty’a juicy gossip about the twists and turns to come in the sequels, but the technological advances are certainly the center of attention amongst loyalists to the franchise. 

The new Avatar – World of Pandora attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom seems to have much in-store for guests to the theme parks hottest new attraction. This pluscious clip hosted by none other than James Cameron and Whoopi Goldberg makes for a satisfying parsnack in the waiting season before the heap of Avatar releases unfold!

How should a proper Avatar 2 theater going ceremony be conducted? Alone? With other(s)?

Does it take much more than the ‘I see you’ feeling to be in some kind of relationship?


Pretend Letter to Pandora / Mayhem Instigator

I have just spent the last 3 – 6 minutes trying to figure out a complicated maze on your ‘streaming’ service that has obviously been a favorite to use by people who have ‘that’ cheat ability…

CaptureI’ve been bullied by some creepy godsent bug/human thing who’s this afternoons’ version of the ‘daily grinding bully’ (or something along those lines), sooo, apparently, adding the Pandora Mayhem aspect into the mix and its result of me being mazed out of my mind was successful.

Oh Pandora, it’s sad that you’d be so careless as to stoop so low. If you have any decency, you will scale-down these bugs before they eat me up completely!!!

Do you use Pandora or any free alternative for music streaming?

Have you had to endure a glitch on Pandora? Did it happen at the worst time?


✿✿✿ Appreciation: ‘Sneak Peak’ of “Fix My Life”: Clip Found! ✿✿✿

For more than 4 years now, I have found unparalleled solace through watching the offerings of “Fix My Life” with Celebrity God Iyanla Vanzant provided by the OWN Network on YouTube.

There may truly be no better word to describe these wonderful segments than what Anderson Cooper stated on AndersonLive when discussing the new series; ‘. . .addictive’.

Indeed, I was anticipating the airing of the debut episodes of “Fix My Life” long before the shows’ premiere. I’ve been a fan of Iyanla’s since her appearance on “Starting Over” and it was her coaching of Jil that jettisoned her to her rightful place amongst my celebrity gods.

In a particular episode of “Starting Over”, Iyanla instructed the house-guest to carry or lug around several heavy bags in effort to remind her (by whatever means necessary?) that by refusing to let go and focusing on negative aspects, she was prolonging her stay in a viscous circle of hell.

Since then, I’ve continued to follow Iyanla’s career via google news – and frequently! I was estatic when her OWN show was announced and was already devouring her more and more regular appearances on OWN (a network which had just months ago hosted Rosie O’Donnell’s own show)!


The below scene is available on YouTube and is nothing short of a godsend! I knew that the previews for the season premiere were exciting, but the actual full-scenes have been life-enriching to say the least.

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What memorable scenes from the ‘First Look’ sneak peak of the premiere season of “Fix My Life” are favorite-worthy to you?


✿✿✿ My Agarioing is Improving!

Basking in Agar.io ✿✿✿

screen1136x1136In my opinion, as long as Agar.io is around, there’s really no need to commit suicide. It’s more than just a game that consumes much of my time lately, I suppose it’s become my new virtual ‘3rd Place’! I discovered Agar.io about a year ago while looking at the ‘Top Free in Games‘ list via Google Play. Seated in the first-place position was something called ‘Agar.io’.

I reckon that if I hadn’t found this gem of a game within the last year, I would have succommed to pretending to still enjoy Candy Crush Saga or Angry Birds (some impressive attempts in the bridging of the ‘popularity gap’ between mouse/console vs touch-screen games).

What it is:

mmAgar.io is the best game ever released to the public. Never before has this dream of eating other people represented by nothing more than a dot or, as the game officially calls them, ‘cells’, been a reality.

trump1-300x300A dot, cell, disk, saucer, planet, circle, star, ball or whatever you call them, they’re really all there is in Agar.io. The whole game is spent trying to survive and hopefully become famous and rich (I.E., have eaten enough people’s avat- I mean ‘Agar.io’ – cells, disks, circles, or whatever you call’ems to get on the leaderbord and be the center circle on campus). The ‘skin’ of my cell might be plain red, green, purple, blue, orange, or yellow. Though I can always showcase my current ‘veteran‘ skin or even a portrait of a politician, such as Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

One may choose to divide/split their cell into two or more cells in order to execute a swift lunge-out attack to eat another cell(s). Yet if you’re in more of a zen mood you might just stick to vegetarian offerings; the cosmos of colorful dust that feeds baby cells that can’t eat other cells towards their growth and development into an adult cell, aka, floating disk. I must say, being a small cell has its perks, but being the dominant cell on campus is fantastic as well.

Whether you like eating others or not, the only way I’ve ever known of successfully earning a spot on the leaderboard and reaching the coveted #1 position, is by eating your fellow circles.

Each time you eat one of your competitors, you acquire their ‘mass’ = they die and you get bigger!

Is it complicated?


Complicated or not, it is always fun (more or less).

I have my own style when it comes to my Agar.ioing (yes, I did coin that term, which is partially derived from another term I helped churn at SA; ‘sugar daddying’). Here are a few of my personal Agar.io game-play protocols:

Don’t divide myself more than once. I refuse to constantly fire off, intimidating others when it’s not necessary.

Don’t ‘team’ with others. For me this makes the game feel cheapened and gives me the same nausea that overhearing a live football game broadcast with shock-calling voices intermixed within gives me (the most vile thing that I could imagine would be setting out to team against strangers).

Don’t fire off mass even if you’re in a good mood. Especially since it’s obvious that these teeming competitors are usually firing whilst being facetious – not simply generous.

MNLJ Poll: Which Agar.io Skin is Your Favorite?

There are many other boundaries and edicts that I hold dear while playing the most revolutionary game in human history, but I’ll likely keep those ‘top’ secret!

Now that I’m officially at level 47 and just 3 points away from achieving a higher ‘veteran’ skin (the mean looking ‘Sumo’ character), I’m glad that I spilled the beans about this, the most futuristic game of the 21st century to date.

I wonder if Agar.io will have a booth at Expo 2020 Dubai. That would be fitting indeed!

Why argue when you can go somewhere private and play Agar.io? 

Why be depressed when you can have ice cream and endless hours of Agar.io play?

Do you think Agar.io is a more ‘Montessori’ thing than other popular games such as “Diablo” or, better yet, “Grand Theft Auto”?



Appreciation ✿✿✿ “Her Shinning Splendor” ✿✿✿

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“Her Shinning Splendor” is a truly riveting novel that journey’s into the world of Leonore and Lorena; mother and daughter.

Get ready for shocking Roman Wall moments!

✿✿✿ Raving Over “Her Shinning Splendor” ✿✿✿

I chose this book randomly, literally with my eyelids closed, hoping that the selection I made would prove worth reading. Given the romance novel craze I’ve been in this Winter, my selection proved worthy of its predecessors. It’s got plenty of what I’ve been hooked on lately; the English court, ‘the ton’, and fascinating characters who all know about butter churning and arranged marriages.

This book is similar to the others I’ve read lately, however in its epic scale and narrative style that perfectly creates a realistic and complete view of the characters’ lives and circumstances, it stands out for sure!

According to one commentator on GoodReads.com, “Her Shinning Splendor” is indicative of many other romance novels written in the 1970’s.

King Charles II is a friend of the male protagonist!

This 574 page book has absolutely been my favorite read of the Winter! Its way of describing circumstances faced by its two main characters is undoubtedly unique, and a step above the rest.

With more than 100 pages left to go, I’ve already found myself crying on several occasions. Let’s focus on just ‘Lorena’s’ chapters, for example:

Lorena’s hard fought and narrowly won freedom from her uncle, who had seemed to hate his niece and the ‘evil’ that her young beauty represented, was a stunning roller-coaster ride. As their tortuous relationship unfolded from chapter to chapter, I indulged in the authors revealing of the basal motivations shown through Lorena and ‘Uncle Robbie’s’ behavior; so stunning indeed!

It’s starting to get very suspenseful, by the way! At this very moment, on page 412, I’m anticipating a bombshell that would out-do all others!

Valerie Sherwood is just one of the pseudonyms used by Jeanne Hines. With how lonely and cold this Winter has been for me, I must say that ‘Sherwood’s’ books (all romance novels) are perfection!

I would bet that this page turner, published in 1980, is considered (by many a romance novel fanatic) a gem of its time. I can’t describe how appreciative I am for my chance selection of this epic love saga: “Her Shinning Splendor”.


Have you ever read “Her Shinning Splendor”? When was the last time you read an epic romance novel?

Any favorite characters of the book? Did you have a favorite chapter or other part of the book you’ve always wanted to discuss?

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Appreciation ✿✿✿ ‘Exploding Batteries in Slow Motion’ ✿✿✿

We are so intrigued by the 10th most popular video on YouTube that it just seemed natural to share it with all of you!

It was a wondrous journey selecting almost exact starts of batteries exploding; one that we must admit consisted of sugar-coated candy cake seconds in which we did so!

Which of the below times from the above  “The Slow Mo Guys clip is especially exsplowwwsive to you?


Appreciation ✿✿✿ Facebook Friends Day Video ✿✿✿

I Stephan Smith have fallen on the ice-covered pavement 3 times today, but even so, while in the ‘modern public library’, I’ve managed to take some initiative and claim ownership of the auto-generated Facebook ‘Friends Day video’.

I took it upon myself to not just rely on whatever algorythem Facebook used to select the friends’ images that appear but to really consider the value of this opportunity (if any). For starters, I decided it best to populate the photo-slots with multiple images of myself. Then, I reveled in the opportunity to select non-profile photo images of friends (including those from Myspace) to showcase.

Albeit challenging due to an antagonizing environment, I think this task proved worthwhile in the end. Who’da thunk populating floating disks with images that make one happy could be so?

Now if I can just shake off this guilty feeling I have from ignoring what seems like Facebook’s infringement upon Abraham Hicks, who, to my knowledge, was the source that (relatively recently) unveiled the concept of ‘floating disks’, I’ll feel even more satisfied!

✿✿✿ Facebook Friends Day Video 2017 ✿✿✿

It’s been a fun experience since, while trying to complete the selection on Facebook, I was constantly subjected to library bullies.

While submerged in a notorious circle of hell, this little innovation has reminded me that seeing and focusing upon some friendly faces (from FB/Myspace friends or even my own) can help put a smile on my imaginary one (for to smile around homophobes is to ask for more severe torture/bullying).

Well, there’s always a disk for Benjamin Franklin, for if it weren’t for him, there’d likely be no such thing as the Blair-Caldwell African American Research library.

Should Facebook continue allowing users to select friends to appear/not appear in certain fields on the profile page or in creative ways such as this mass-automated ‘suggestion’/celebration?

Did you know that for some reason, my Myspace profile has been reduced to nothing more than the pictures and videos I uploaded to it more than 8 years ago?

✿✿✿  The MNLJ Blog Applauds All Faces in the Above Friends Day Video ✿✿✿