‘Long-Term Suicide’ Sugary Drink God of ’17: Black Cherry Kiwi Venom

                       °Nothing’s better these days than premium-label energy drinks!!!!FireShot Capture 1 - New Black Cherry Kiwi Venom energy drink(16oz alumi_ - http___imgur.com_UuCtqpU

When I first discovered my hottest summer tryst so far, it was with a new energy drink that struck me from the moment I laid eyes on its enchanting exterior (and not just because of its unbelievable price of only 99 cents!). VenoM’s have become my favorite pastime of the summer! I am happy to declare that VenoM; Black Cherry Kiwi, is THE ‘Long-Term Suicide’ Sugary-Drink God of 2017

MNLJ Poll: Pick Your Top Favorite VenoM Flavors!

If you’re feeling like you can’t go on, don’t hesitate to pop VenoM and impel yourself in the direction of more inside jobs. Having at least 6 VenoM’s a day is a must for me as fending-off bully attacks consumes a lot of energy! The design of the ‘fangs’ and ‘eye’ in the center of the dazzling cans are trademarks of Dr. Pepper and 7-Up, by the way!!! 



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