‘Long-Term Suicide’ Sugary Drink God of ’17: Black Cherry Kiwi Venom

                       °Nothing’s better these days than premium-label energy drinks!!!!FireShot Capture 1 - New Black Cherry Kiwi Venom energy drink(16oz alumi_ - http___imgur.com_UuCtqpU

When I first discovered my hottest summer tryst so far, it was with a new energy drink that struck me from the moment I laid eyes on its enchanting exterior (and not just because of its unbelievable price of only 99 cents!). VenoM‘s have become my favorite pastime of the summer! I am happy to declare that VenoM; Black Cherry Kiwi, is THE ‘Long-Term Suicide’ Sugary-Drink God of 2017!

MNLJ Poll: Pick Your Top Favorite VenoM Flavors!

If you’re feeling like you can’t go on, don’t hesitate to pop a VenoM and impel yourself in the direction of more inside jobs. Having at least 6 VenoM’s a day is a must for me as fending-off bully attacks consumes a lot of energy! The design of the ‘fangs’ and ‘eye’ in the center of the dazzling cans are trademarks of Dr. Pepper and 7-Up, by the way!!! 



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