Pretend Letter to Pandora / Mayhem Instigator

I have just spent the last 3 – 6 minutes trying to figure out a complicated maze on your ‘streaming’ service that has obviously been a favorite to use by people who have ‘that’ cheat ability…

CaptureI’ve been bullied by some creepy godsent bug/human thing who’s this afternoons’ version of the ‘daily grinding bully’ (or something along those lines), sooo, apparently, adding the Pandora Mayhem aspect into the mix and its result of me being mazed out of my mind was successful.

Oh Pandora, it’s sad that you’d be so careless as to stoop so low. If you have any decency, you will scale-down these bugs before they eat me up completely!!!

Do you use Pandora or any free alternative for music streaming?

Have you had to endure a glitch on Pandora? Did it happen at the worst time?


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