✿✿✿ Appreciation: ‘Sneak Peak’ of “Fix My Life”: Clip Found! ✿✿✿

For more than 4 years now, I have found unparalleled solace through watching the offerings of “Fix My Life” with Celebrity God Iyanla Vanzant provided by the OWN Network on YouTube.

There may truly be no better word to describe these wonderful segments than what Anderson Cooper stated on AndersonLive when discussing the new series; ‘. . .addictive’.

Indeed, I was anticipating the airing of the debut episodes of “Fix My Life” long before the shows’ premiere. I’ve been a fan of Iyanla’s since her appearance on “Starting Over” and it was her coaching of Jil that jettisoned her to her rightful place amongst my celebrity gods.

In a particular episode of “Starting Over”, Iyanla instructed the house-guest to carry or lug around several heavy bags in effort to remind her (by whatever means necessary?) that by refusing to let go and focusing on negative aspects, she was prolonging her stay in a viscous circle of hell.

Since then, I’ve continued to follow Iyanla’s career via google news – and frequently! I was estatic when her OWN show was announced and was already devouring her more and more regular appearances on OWN (a network which had just months ago hosted Rosie O’Donnell’s own show)!


The below scene is available on YouTube and is nothing short of a godsend! I knew that the previews for the season premiere were exciting, but the actual full-scenes have been life-enriching to say the least.

MNLJ Poll: Click Here to Choose the Feelings Possibly Evoked by the Above Gif

What memorable scenes from the ‘First Look’ sneak peak of the premiere season of “Fix My Life” are favorite-worthy to you?


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