✿✿✿ HIV Cure, Meet My Next Life Journey


MyNextLifeJourney, Meet HIV Cure ✿✿✿

We’ve never introduced the literary powers of our HIV Cure content with our blog, nor have we really converged those bodies of work using sharing sites such as Facebook.

Well, I have been contributing much to the online evergreen content related to HIV Cure research since finding out my diagnosis just 3 months following the groundbreaking announcement that the first person in the world to be cured of HIV is indeed my most Ultimate Celebrity God; Timothy Ray Brown, ‘AKA’, the Berlin Patient.

Timothy Ray Brown liked this picture I took in SF!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 !!!

By chance, just months after my original diagnosis, I was in San Francisco where I was living at the time (I learned of my status after returning to SF in the small office of a private doctor I went to for a normal check-up) and saw a person who looked like the Berlin Patient in the Muni Station. I just happened to board the same train as this individual, and when I reached the Castro St. Station, both he and I happened to exit the cabin.

When we were both outside, I ventured to ask him, “are you Timothy Ray Brown?” He replied, “yes”. And the rest was history. While I had already decided not to kill myself after learning my diagnosis (despite a lifetime of promising myself that I would never allow myself to live if I were jailed, homeless, or HIV positive), it was meeting the first person in the world cured of the most deadly infectious disease in human history that truly cemented my decision to stick around.

I used to regularly contribute blogs about HIV Cure news and general information to a social networking website called PozIAm, however that website is no longer around.

There is much about this topic, which so few discuss. As I sit in this library, listening to the always imperative effects of tailor-made sounds moving about in the bully-echo-chamber that it is, I wonder how exactly to address the ‘four letter word’. In my Poz journey, I have, without fail, chosen to simply remember what I had told myself first as a child and throughout my adulthood; ‘the truth only hurts when you haven’t been living in it’.

Unfortunately, bullying exists in every ‘community’, including the Poz community. It can kind of feel like a sudden flush of confusion. Not a good thing to feel, confusion. Confusion following a major life change, especially one as traumatizing as becoming HIV positive. Well, the road I took is something that I think the My Next Life Journey blog a perfect place to link you, my dear reader, to a plethora of evidence related to my steadfast HIV Cure activism, advocacy, and frankly, common sense! Click here to check out samples of my remarkably effective lobbying for my own HIV cure!

For the first time since becoming aware of my status, and, unlike the five times that I demanded preventative treatment for the disease within 24 hours after having a sexual contact, I am currently living without the disease as a focus of my life. Science is God.

I’m so excited that the MNLJ blog and my HIV Cure aspects have been formally introduced in the only way ‘it’ could truly happen. Here on MNLJ!

✿✿✿ Raving Over’ – MNLJ: ⊂’Countdown To A Cure For AIDS In 2020’⊂ ✿✿✿

What are your thoughts about the lack of HIV Cure discussions amongst those who champion the cause of HIV related issues (I.E., prevention, awareness, testing, etc.)? 

Do you think the years of strict condemnation of those who support and advocate for a cure by merely mentioning it with optimism should ever be forgiven?

If you are positive and have been impacted by the social taboo of the four letter word (cure), how do you think you will celebrate the cure once it’s a reality? Are you planning to be in a certain place in 2020? Dubai? Paris? San Fran?

! ✿ ! ✿ ! Special Thank You to amfAR’s Celebrity Gods Reagan Hoffman, Kevin Robert Frost, and Kenneth Cole for the ‘A Cure by 2020’ campaign ! ✿ ! ✿ !

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