Appreciation ✿✿✿ “Her Shinning Splendor” ✿✿✿

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“Her Shinning Splendor” is a truly riveting novel that journey’s into the world of Leonore and Lorena; mother and daughter.

Get ready for shocking Roman Wall moments!

✿✿✿ Raving Over “Her Shinning Splendor” ✿✿✿

I chose this book randomly, literally with my eyelids closed, hoping that the selection I made would prove worth reading. Given the romance novel craze I’ve been in this Winter, my selection proved worthy of its predecessors. It’s got plenty of what I’ve been hooked on lately; the English court, ‘the ton’, and fascinating characters who all know about butter churning and arranged marriages.

This book is similar to the others I’ve read lately, however in its epic scale and narrative style that perfectly creates a realistic and complete view of the characters’ lives and circumstances, it stands out for sure!

According to one commentator on, “Her Shinning Splendor” is indicative of many other romance novels written in the 1970’s.

King Charles II is a friend of the male protagonist!

This 574 page book has absolutely been my favorite read of the Winter! Its way of describing circumstances faced by its two main characters is undoubtedly unique, and a step above the rest.

With more than 100 pages left to go, I’ve already found myself crying on several occasions. Let’s focus on just ‘Lorena’s’ chapters, for example:

Lorena’s hard fought and narrowly won freedom from her uncle, who had seemed to hate his niece and the ‘evil’ that her young beauty represented, was a stunning roller-coaster ride. As their tortuous relationship unfolded from chapter to chapter, I indulged in the authors revealing of the basal motivations shown through Lorena and ‘Uncle Robbie’s’ behavior; so stunning indeed!

It’s starting to get very suspenseful, by the way! At this very moment, on page 412, I’m anticipating a bombshell that would out-do all others!

Valerie Sherwood is just one of the pseudonyms used by Jeanne Hines. With how lonely and cold this Winter has been for me, I must say that ‘Sherwood’s’ books (all romance novels) are perfection!

I would bet that this page turner, published in 1980, is considered (by many a romance novel fanatic) a gem of its time. I can’t describe how appreciative I am for my chance selection of this epic love saga: “Her Shinning Splendor”.


Have you ever read “Her Shinning Splendor”? When was the last time you read an epic romance novel?

Any favorite characters of the book? Did you have a favorite chapter or other part of the book you’ve always wanted to discuss?

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