Appreciation ✿✿✿ Facebook Friends Day Video ✿✿✿

I Stephan Smith have fallen on the ice-covered pavement 3 times today, but even so, while in the ‘modern public library’, I’ve managed to take some initiative and claim ownership of the auto-generated Facebook ‘Friends Day video’.

I took it upon myself to not just rely on whatever algorythem Facebook used to select the friends’ images that appear but to really consider the value of this opportunity (if any). For starters, I decided it best to populate the photo-slots with multiple images of myself. Then, I reveled in the opportunity to select non-profile photo images of friends (including those from Myspace) to showcase.

Albeit challenging due to an antagonizing environment, I think this task proved worthwhile in the end. Who’da thunk populating floating disks with images that make one happy could be so?

Now if I can just shake off this guilty feeling I have from ignoring what seems like Facebook’s infringement upon Abraham Hicks, who, to my knowledge, was the source that (relatively recently) unveiled the concept of ‘floating disks’, I’ll feel even more satisfied!

✿✿✿ Facebook Friends Day Video 2017 ✿✿✿

It’s been a fun experience since, while trying to complete the selection on Facebook, I was constantly subjected to library bullies.

While submerged in a notorious circle of hell, this little innovation has reminded me that seeing and focusing upon some friendly faces (from FB/Myspace friends or even my own) can help put a smile on my imaginary one (for to smile around homophobes is to ask for more severe torture/bullying).

Well, there’s always a disk for Benjamin Franklin, for if it weren’t for him, there’d likely be no such thing as the Blair-Caldwell African American Research library.

Should Facebook continue allowing users to select friends to appear/not appear in certain fields on the profile page or in creative ways such as this mass-automated ‘suggestion’/celebration?

Did you know that for some reason, my Myspace profile has been reduced to nothing more than the pictures and videos I uploaded to it more than 8 years ago?

✿✿✿  The MNLJ Blog Applauds All Faces in the Above Friends Day Video ✿✿✿


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