What Makes The Light-Rail Heavy-Rail


I hate riding on the light rail. It is always so annoying, even when you’re just waiting on the train to depart. There are the worst scum bag people waiting right outside the light rail train just feeding on anything of quality that they can find.

They have no lives. They are the epitome of filth. And why do they do what they do? They have nothing better, there’s nothing more to their lives. This is it.

And wow. That must suck. I have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from that they think they’re protecting, and more.

Wow. The life of the no-life’s. The life of the scum bags. The life of the thwarters. The creeps. The abusers. Those who have nothing but scum and filth to go off of. They reproduce scum, they regurgitate it. They are it.
6428 Denver lightrail car interior

I stop living when I am realized in one of these situations. In my belief at present, these situations give me no emotional, physical, mental, or frankly spiritual escape.

It’s akin to hell. Of course, hell exists with or without my perception, so I’m sorry for the director, cast and crew inside each train as well.

These are the types of people I’m talking about tho, oh wait, they’re not people (of course, not to me normally anyway). These are the one’s who get on a light rail train and face the direction opposite that of which the train is headed, as though they’re not making it even more uncomfortable for everyone on the train to sit in their seats amid strangers than it already is.

Is it the light rail, or a Heavy Rail? 

I’d say it’s heavy, with the variety of scum that enter each cabin. Opposite face-to-facers, shock callers, seat stickers (those who sit parallel to someone else even when there’s plenty of other seats to sit on that are empty and not parallel to other people / strangers), and more.

It’s the nightmare ride not the dream ride, when a group of or should I say pack of human pack animals gets on-board and whether it’s conscious or not, begins to target an individual on the cabin (usually me) – but then of course, I’m always sure to have something to eat – especially these days – myself. I swear to god, if another one of these seat stickers gets on-board this train, I’m gonna have to say something.

You have your drunks as well, reeking of alcohol, cigarettes, and who knows what else, so disgusting. I swear to god, if I had the power, I’d put leach-parasites in prison.

Why are light rail train interiors designed so that people (often strangers) must sit facing one another?

Do you enjoy riding the light rail?

✿✿✿ Blog Post Update: Unbelievable!
I endured my first ride (and certainly my last) on the recently completed ‘Heavy Rail’, two nights ago. Well, apparently the train is popular enough to warrant top-tier billing from the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD) most diligent and trusted source – the conductor – who, at least when I had my experience on my ‘unimaginable nightmare come true’ ride, seemed to ensure that no other announcements made by organics on any RTD vehicles could compare to the sound of theirs, which seemed richer, better, and yes, clearer. Yet the truth is that they stubbornly decided to still include the opposite-facing seats.
It’s as sick as the people who board the trains, yes, no matter how full of themselves they pretend to be or are. PS: This ‘Heavy Rail’ thing was news to my ears after becoming aware of it following the publication of this post, which was then as it is now titled ‘What Makes The Light-Rail Heavy-Rail’ in a silent nod to the ‘Heavy Side Layer’ thing from CATS. Well, just another progression of hell or what Abraham Hicks might say ‘you can’t get there from there’. I can’t get out of hell while being in hell, hence ugly coincidences and rendezvous with the elements involved (I.E., people, places, smells, sounds and other items of different levels of intrusion and/or disgust) inserting or ‘ape-earing’. Big deal? No. Just read ‘An Inconvenient Truth‘ – I know we have much in-common with apes and other primates like the Rhesus Monkey.So, in closing, you’ve been informed of this latest news I’ve finally had enough care to share here.
Warning: Do Not Be Fooled for One Second about the Heavy Rail ✿✿✿



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