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For the past 3 years, I can say that losing things has been the single most destructive force in my life. It was the 1st cousin of losing things – forgetting to do something prudential – that resulted in the most grand and steep downward spiral I, and I dare say, anyone in my peer group – has ever experienced.

On the brink, and then it’s lost:

Have you ever been totally ready to take on your day, or even perhaps a new chapter in your life, and then, just prior to being able to begin your journey, you lose something important to you? It’s hard when something that seems so small, so insignificant, ends up consuming not just hours, but days, weeks, or even months of your life through your efforts to find, and then cope without this lost possession.

However sad it may be, it seems as if those who most need to have something seemingly ‘little’ in order to take on their life challenges and overcome obstacles, are all the more likely to lose their stuff.

One can only blame themselves:

If you’re looking for a person to blame, there’s no one to point to except yourself. The spinning and endless mulling over and over the way in which you could have lost track of the things that you’ve lost, is one thing, but once you have to accept your fate, the underlying and terrifying reality that it was you, yourself alone, who was the one that potentially sabotaged your potential to take on your journey, you finally enter the new pit you’ve created for yourself.

Ending the cycle:

Is there really a way to stop the pattern of losing things? Perhaps there’s not. Maybe some people are more predisposed to losing their belongings, however, there are some relatively new and nifty items that promise to help people never lose their possessions again. However, are these items really all they’re hyped up to be?


Last year, I contacted the company behind the much-anticipated ‘Tile‘; a device that promised to locate/track a seemingly endless array of lost items. The only drawback to this devise, was that it required the use of one’s cell phone in order to track the lost item(s). As many might agree, one’s cell phone is the, perhaps, single most important possession one has. Let’s face it, your cell phone holds more than just its value in dollars, but also stores memories saved in the form of text messages, photos, and even videos. If someone were to come across your lost cell phone, the possibilities for treachery may be endless.

The good folks at Tile, Inc. said that it was unfortunately not possible to track a device without one’s cell phone:

‘The ability to find Tiles via desktop or laptop is a possibility, but not currently on our product roadmap.’– Tile Team

And, also, despite a tentative release date for 2014, the device has yet to reach consumers (some of whom I happen to know are quite upset about that).
There are murmurs in the grape vine of other devices that can track your lost items, and we shall see if they actually materialize…

Or not.

The types of stuff that people do when they lose stuff varies based upon the ramifications of the loss. If you’ve just lost, let’s say, your photo I.D., you might be in an all-out panic, especially, as is often the case in my experience, if you’re experiencing difficult and/or impending circumstance(s) as it is.

Losing something at a time that would otherwise provide you with a unique opportunity to take your goals and overall life to the next level can put you straight into depression. From personal experience I know that the depression suffered from continuously missing-out on opportunity is debilitating at times, and can even make you feel like you’re under attack from the universe itself!


Do you lose things? Is it traumatizing or highly-stressful for you when you lose or don’t remember something important? Have you ever felt like a ‘loser’ due to bad luck (I.E., a career because of forgetting to erase voicemails on company Sprint account, etc.)?

What are the main reasons losing things is the worst type of ‘bad luck?

Care to share what you’ve lost? 

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