An Inconvenient Truth

6abo-and-rh-blood-typing-11-638Setting things into motion can be challenging at times. When in doubt, perhaps it’s best to put one foot in front of the other and just go. Then again, there are so many crucial factors to consider before ‘going’.

In this post, we’ll take a look at just how these ‘factors’ add up.

Unfortunately, the masses use ‘looks’ and other visual stimulus to intimidate or control others, especially those who are deemed inferior. These recklessly inconsiderate and unconscious beings use visual and other means of intimidation to violate others in order to feel better about themselves.

Yet all too few of those who are targeted speak out against or even disdain the creepy and domineering behaviors that frankly beg the question, ‘are these people carrying the mark of the beast’?

Being submerged in these situations reduces my thoughts to fear-induced praise and ‘respect’ shells or ‘mazes’.

‘Grouping’: Willingly participating in social cliques.

‘Shock Calling’: Auditory calls.
s (1)Finding Your Own Path:

The best way to not allow human pack animals to literally steal part of your emotional well-being (the only parts that they can legally steal are purely vibrational, however it still adds up), is to find a way around them.


When you sense contrast approaching, or in the way, deviate your course. Believe me, you can get so good at this that you actually discover endless hidden treasures along your path. Most contrast is within a predictable spectrum, so by redefining it the discord dissipates into a calm stream.

Never beating myself up about the nauseating effects of contrast is definitely one of my strategies towards survival. Doing everything I can, from bargaining to begging, I manage to enjoy the parsnacks I have access to in my current situation.



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