✿✿✿ Full Episodes of Trading Spouses on YouTube Appreciation ✿✿✿

sThere are dozens of full episodes of Trading Spouses and Wife Swap available on YouTube, and this gift has been a major life-changer for me. There are so many amazing humans who have opened up their most sacred space – their personal lives – on this show, Trading Spouses.

By letting the brilliant individuals who produce this show enter their homes and film their experiences within the Trading Spouses format, people such as myself can marvel at the gift of unparalleled insight that is provided by this transformational ‘show’.

 Trading Spouses Poem
“Trading Spouses can give__ love.
Trading Spouses can heal __ heart.
Trading Spouses can help remind __ of who __ really be. It can give __ more clarity as to why 
__ really done some of the things __ done. It can give __ hope in __ very soul”

Personal Trading Spouses Story:
The only personal story I have about anything to do with Trading Spouses is this: When I worked for Solstice Sunglass Boutique in 2004, I helped a customer who told me that she was soon to film an episode of a new show called “Trading Spouses” which was very similar to Wife Swap. She was a pretty nice lady with blond hair and she liked Fashion-type sunglasses I believe. She had a great personality, and I still wish I knew which episode she was on and could watch it.

How Trading Spouses Helps Me: 

Oh gosh, Trading Spouses has been so helpful to me since recently discovering its greatness by stumbling upon the full episodes on YouTube. I’ve seen families with parent’s whom make my blood curdle, and also seen people who have filled my spirit with love! However I will admit that some episodes have left me feeling worse than I was before due to, for example, both sets of parents making me feel awful. Yet on the whole, this show has been nothing but a major groundbreaking resource for me, especially at this point in my life, where I have truly lost all close relationships.

Episode 1 Season 2 of Trading Spouses: 

This is the all-time most engaging episode of reality television in history! This God Celebutante represents the entire format of the trading/swapping shows within the reality realm. Marguerite Perrin is the type of reality show participant that fans love, and in my opinion she’d give other realm residents such as those hosting certain self-improvement reality shows on cable a run for their money!

This episode, like other standouts on my All Time Favorite Reality list (coming soon!) is a truly evergreen content. I think I’ve watched it more than 20 times! I was first introduced to the episode in college at CCD.

The God Warrior:smsmsmsmIn the computer lab, a clip of Perrin, also known as the ‘God Warrior‘, was the current topic of discussion. I took my friend Livie Redhawk’s advice and viewed the video via someone’s social networking page. I was no-doubt blown away, as I’m sure many others were.

I return to this clip when I’m feeling a variety of emotions, including:



Take to Trading: 
The concept of swapping lives and having the experience filmed and shared with the world is brilliant and something I think should be done in even more ways. I would love to swap lives with someone else!!! I am so grateful to Trading Spouses and Wife Swap!

Do you think watching episodes of Trading Spouses can help with restoring one’s mental health and/or improving one’s perspective about themselves and/or life in-general?

Care to share your thoughts on the God Warrior scene or any particular aspect of the Trading Spouses clip above?

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